A data trusts repository to help people discover and make it easily accessible for everyone to uses or to get paid for contribute higher quality, trustworthy data.

What is Humaan Datasets?

Data is the fuel that powers machine learning models. Without access to large and accurate datasets, machine learning models would not be able to learn and make accurate predictions.

Humaan Datasets is a repository for easily accessing and sharing datasets for computer vision, language, speech, and audio taks. You can use accuracy datasets that are ready to use and accelerate your machine learning projects.

Types of Humaan Datasets

Humaan Datasets are supports a variety of dataset types such as numbers, text, images, videos, and audio. and can be stored in various formats, such as CSV, JSON, and file formats.

Explore Humaan Datasets

We provide a way for developers and data scientists to access large, diverse datasets and accuracy for your machine learning projects to save time on data discovery, preparation, and model development. Explore datasets