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Get started with the Humaan Platform

Building human-like capabilities apps using Humaan intelligence APIs

What is is a human-like intelligence platform that brings capabilities in vision, language, speech, and perceive sound as an API, allowing developers to build intelligent applications and services with just a few lines of code.

Humaan Platform


Building blocks pre-trained models from research community for integrated intelligence with capabilities in language, vision, speech, and hearing into your applications.


Build features that can extracting data from images and video


Enable you to analyze, understand of text, and conversation


Build voice-enabled apps or transcribe speech to text


Analyze audio and recognize different types of sounds

Compute machine

Compute machine is a dedicated GPUs to fine-tune a pre-trained model, deploy your models on dedicated and secure infrastructure with fully management. We build on top world-class cloud providers. You have the freedom to choose the cloud partner of your choice that fit your business strategy.


Humaan platform is to bring pre-trained models to every developer, empowering developers to innovate and accelerate intelligence apps and services.

Easily integrate intelligence - Take advantage of machine learning capabilities in language, vision, speech, and sound with easy integration into your application to unlock business growth and new opportunities.

Quickly add intelligence - Humaan Intelligence™ services remove your time-consuming on months of AI development, you do not need a deep understanding of machine learning and a large data science team.

Just a few lines of code - Bringing the AI-powered features as APIs or SDKs into your application, service, and business using just a few simple lines of code without building and deploying your own models.

Accelerate your launch time - Avoid pitfalls, risks, and stuck on the proof of concept stage. Accelerate the potential power of AI to achieve your business objectives faster, while setting you up for sustainable growth.